European grades to GPA Converter

This can be useful in many ways..
See what is the (US) GPA equivalent to your marks.
If you study in a european system (grades are evaluted on a 20 scale), translating your marks to the american system can be challenging.
This small application is meant to show how "unfair" is the direct translation to a letter based system (A, B, C,..) or a GPA (4.00).

One POST method is available: API link

You can send both raw data or form-data with 'grades' as a key.
You should provide your average as "note", and the hours per-semester you had class for that particular subject.
See example below:
This method accepts an array like in this exemple :


This will return a JSON string with a 'gpa' and a 'grade'.

Give it a try:

Your grade/mark goes in the first field, and the number of hours you studied that subject goes in the second.

Click the '+' button to add another grade.

Grade :

This application is for informative purposes only, you should check with your school before putting your GPA in official documents.